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Buzzing with excitement


The Trust is pleased to announce some new arrivals at Abbey Foregate in Shrewsbury! Earlier this summer 15 Mason bee larvae in a specially designed box were introduced into the garden. These have hatched, matched, spent the summer feeding on pollen and now laid a new generation of bees in special chambers.

These chambers are sealed with mud to protect the young until they mature and each larvae has its own food store of pollen to feed on. Honey bees and other species of bee such as the Mason bee are in trouble, through loss of nectar sources, poor weather and pesticides. They are vitally important as pollinators of crops and trees and the Trust is delighted work with a new local charity called Praise Bee, who are putting out bee boxes on our nature reserves and in local churchyards. Find out more


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This entry was posted on August 28, 2013 by in Bees, Gardens.
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