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Barn owl bedsit

Installing a barn owl box

Installing a barn owl box

It was back in November on a bright and crisp Sunday morning that committed volunteers from the New Works Wildlife Project set about installing two large barn owl nest boxes mounted on recycled telegraph poles; like mini bungalows standing high overlooking western Telford and in the shadow of the Wrekin. The lowland acidic grassland set the perfect scene for a barn owl habitat and with fantastic results from small mammal surveys and advice and guidance from Glenn Bishton and John Lightfoot from Shropshire Barn Owl group we knew we were in for a good chance of attracting these stealthy predators.  We’re delighted to report that Glenn Bishton has confirmed a sighting o f a pair of barn owls this weekend. No sign of breeding as of yet, but if our new residents are happy we could have some more good news to follow. Watch this space.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers


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